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August 14, 2013
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July 13, 2017

Most young children are fascinated by animals and here are some Zoos.

Kolmården Zoo
Open between 29th of April -6 november
Kolmården Wildlife Park is among the most popular tourist attractions in the Nordic countries. Enjoy one of Scandinavia’s most exciting experiences! Nestled in the beautiful countryside 150 kilometers south of Stockholm, covering 1.5 square kilometres (370 acres),

Kolmården Zoo is the biggest one with more than 700 animals among themtigers, lions and dolphins

Prices 429 SEK/Adult and 379 SEK/children per day


Parken Zoo
Parken Zoo in Eskilstuna was founded in 1898 in Eskilstuna.

Borås Zoo

Ystad Zoo
In Skåne and here you find animals like monkeys, lemurs, meerkats, birds and reptiles. In all they have around 60 different species.

Öland Zoo
Ölands Djurpark, Waterpark
Ölands djurpark

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