Taxes in Sweden

Taxes in Sweden

Taxes of major concern include the municipal trade tax (kommunalskatt) and the value added tax (Mervärdesskatt, moms), plus the income tax, solidarity surcharge and church tax.

The Swedish Tax Agency (TA, in Swedish=Skatteverket)  is responsible for the administration of all kinds of taxes, with the exception of VAT, excise duties and customs duties levied on imported goods at the external border.

In Sweden you must have a valid personal identification number (personnummer) and income tax card (skattesedel). Persons staying in Sweden for less than one year get a temporary identification number.

The tax deductions for 2013

  • 30% of the taxable income of up to 413 200 SEK
  • 50% of the taxable income of 413 201 SEK – 591 600 SEK
  • 55% – with taxable income of more than 591 601 SEK.

Personal income tax declaration online submission → Logga in, e-tjänster → Outgoing e-tjänst Inkomstdeklaration




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