Starting a company in Sweden

Sweden is home to hundreds of thousands of business ranging from small sole proprietorships to large enterprises. A large part of te Swedish economy is based on small and medium sized business (SMEs). Things to consider when you start your own company in Sweden. 

Right form of business enterprise – types of corporations

You set up a business at Swedish Companies Registration Office. Different form of business enterprise are sole trader (it is not a logal entity), trading partnership,limited partner ship, limited company (aktiebolag) and economic association.

Limited company (aktiebolag)

To start a limited company there is a capital requirement of at least 50 000 Swedish Crowns. You will get name protection and  the company owners need to pay company F tax and A Tax (employees). A limited company must file an annual report and profit can be allocated to the shareholders in form of dividend.

One problem is to choose  business structureprofit
Choose the form of business enterprise (download pdf)

Join a business network?

There are also several events in the start-up. You can browse several events from eventbrite.

There are several business networks like Arndt, Business in heart, Clawe business club and many more. You can read more here (in Swedish).

Checklist & things to consider

Start and write a business plan.

  • Apply for an approval for F tax or FA tax and VAT with the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket)
  • Apply for registration of your business name at the Swdish companies registration office (Bolagsverket)
  • Do you need a cash register? You must have a certified cash register if you sell goods and services for cash payment.
  • Create a business plan
  • Your family condition and health – do you need a life and accident insurance
  • How is your financial situation?
  • Is the timing right?
  • Use your network
  • Create a Marketing plan
  • Market and competition (opportunities and threats, strenght and weakness)
  • Do you know different laws and permits in your sector

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