Skiing in Sweden


The best skiing and the largest alpine resort you will find in the alpine village Åre. In Åre you find an alpine ski area and has one of the nation’s most advanced and largest tourist industry. You have the designed Copperhill Mountain Lodge and Hotel Tott with great afterski and partying.

Close to Åre you also find great skiing in Duved.

Sälen and other places

You also find great skiing in Sälen, VemdalsskaletKittelfjäll or Riksgränsen Sweden’s northernmost ski resort  in North of Sweden.You rent a cottage or stay in a hotel.In Sälen you have högfjällshotelet.


It is possible to ski in Stockholm during winter months but it is very light skiing in Flottsbro, Bålsta and Hammarbybacken.


Middle of Sweden

Close to Stockholm and Gothenburg.


South of Sweden

In the south they have very few slopes but you find places like Aboda Klint, Svartbäcksmåla and Hestra. Read more

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