Sights, castles and landmarks in Sweden


Castles in Sweden - Kalmar Castle

Picture: Kalmar castle in February

The most beautiful places in Sweden

The most beautiful places according to the magazine Sveriges Natur (Swedish nature)

1. High Coast (höga kusten)
2. Blekinge archipelago
3. Skierfe, Sarek
4. Kinnekulle
5. Mjällödalen (dandruff islandValley) Ådalen
6. Ramsvik, Bohuslän coast
7. Southern tip of the island of Öland
8. Söderåsen, Skane
9 . Kebnekaise with Tarfala (the highest montain in Sweden)
10. Tandövala old forest, Dalarna

Nationalparks and wildlife

You find 29 national parks throughout the country. You also find several places to fish, hunt or go horse riding. During winter you have ice fishing for pike and it is easy to find a fishing guide. Check out

Castles in Sweden

You find several castles  in Sweden among them:

  • Kalmar (medieval castle)
  • Örebro
  • Stockholm
  • Drottningholm (royal residence) also called the “Versailles of the North”. The castle is a residence for the royal family andlocated in a beautiful baroque park
  • Solliden (the royal residence during the summer)
  • Gripsholm in Mariefred
  • Vadstena
  • Visby wall

You find cathedrals in Lund, Uppsala and Linköping. In Lund you find artefacts like breastmilk from Mary and the wonderful clock in Lund from the 1500-century.

Northern Lights


Other things to do in Sweden

  • Midsummer festival – is a big huge party all over the country.
  • Valborgsmässo evening 30th of April- when the Swedes light bonfires and greet the spring.
  • What are the Northern lights (Aurora borealis)?  You can spot Northern Lights from September through March in the Northern parts of the country.
    Inlandsbanan – beautiful train journey that starts in Mora and takes you to Bodo and Narvik in Norway.
  • During July, the tennis week in Båstad is a big event where thousands of tennis enthusiasts gather and party for a few weeks.
  • Saunas have been part of Scandinavian culture for centuries and there are many places you can visit like the Malmö pier.
  • Gotland and Öland – the biggest islands in Sweden.
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