Hotels in Sweden

You will find a Grand Hotel (Stora Hotellet) in almost any provincial town and they have usually good standards. You will also find motels and camping.


Some of the most popular hotels in Sweden

Stockholm hotels
The No1 Hotel in Sweden is Grand Hotel in Stockholm. This is the place were President Obama stayed.

  • Nordic Light Hotel
  • Hotel Birger Jarl
  • Mornington Hotel
  • Rival Hotel
  • Hotell Anglais

Hotel Tylösand

Slottshotellet -more exclusive
Vandrarhotellet –  cheap hostel

Grand hotel Lund

Stora Hotellet

Bed and breakfast
You find youth hostels (vandrarhotell) around the country. If you are member at STF (Svenska Turist Föreningen) you get a discount of the price.

You can also stay on a farm- there are 228 farms around in Sweden  to chose from

The Ice hotel and other epic dream hotels in Sweden
You will find epic dream hotels in:

Mor information about hotels

Website with hotels in Sweden. – youth hostels

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