Why don’t Swedes like Russians

There are many reasons why Swedes does not like Russian however many scientists, historians and archaeologists believe that the Scandinavian Vikings played an important role when the Russian Empire was founded.  Some Russian scientists believe that the Scandinavians have not had a prominent role in the formation of Russia. This view was especially dominant in the Soviet era, when the historiography denied or belittled the “Scandinavian theory ‘.

One of the main reasons for the mistrust are historical and the Sweden have been in war with Russia several times for instance Charles XII of Sweden. In 1707, he led his forces in a campaign against Russia, which ended in disaster for Sweden with the military defeats in Poltava and Perevolotnya.

Second world war

Sweden was neutral during WWII. During the second world war many volunteers in Sweden gave support for Finland and they fought against Russia which attacked Finland in the winterwar 1939. Swedish volunteer corps organized the Swedish citizens who registered as volunteers on the Finnish side in the Winter War 1939-1940 between Finland and the Soviet Union.

The Cold War period

Soviet as a  super power with nuclear capacity was  a immense threat to Sweden during the communist period and cold war. During the communist period  Swedish military practiced defense against a potential Russian invasion.

In 1981 the russian Submarine u 137 run aground in the Swedish military area outside Karlskrona in Sweden. With great probability there was uranium on the submarine. At the time of the incident it was the grounding evidence for extensive Soviet underwater operations in Swedish waters -others believed it was part of illegal activities in Sweden or incompetence and poor technical equipment.


Sweden lost every time against CCCP in hockey and this probably did not make it easier with the relations to Russia. It is not easy to be a small nation close to a superpower.

Different geopolitical situation today

Russia’s military power continues to grow significantly, especially in those parts of the country facing Sweden. Today Russia has moved several Iskander robots in Kalingrad pointing at west and they have also submarines in the Baltic Sea. Russian air force with heavy bombers have practiced attacktargets towards Stockholm in Sweden some years ago. In the summer 2017 Russia plan to move a40 year old Typhoon submarine Dmitrij Donskoj which is the world largest nuclear submarine (172 meter long) in the Baltic Sea for a military parade, together with 30 other marine vessels and 40 air planes in Sankt Petersburg according to Barents Observer and Izvestia. Dmitrij Donskoj could bring 200 nuclear warhead.

Russia wants a new international world order consisting of a few major powers with their respective spheres whichs we have seen in the military operations in Crimea, Eastern Ukraine and Syria. This new aggretion directly affects the security of smaller neighbour states.

The russian state owned website RT.com  have many unfavourable articles about Sweden. If you read the commentary fields in RT there are many Russian and alt-right trolls out there that don’t like Sweden as they  see as a liberal welfare state with other values in democracy and transperancy than a warstate.

Sweden is a neutral country and we don’t pick fights with the big guy in east. Anyway why don’t we start making business or create a hyperloop between the cities around the Baltics instead of of building up the military capacity in the Baltic region?

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